Poultry farmers in Migori Undergoing Training

Poultry farmers in Migori County are undergoing training poultry rearing and vaccination of their animals. This is an effort to counter the high demand of meat in the region.

The two-weeks training was held in partnership with the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO). It focused on commercialisation of poultry farming and provision of linkages to ready markets.

The livestock director in Migori County, Charles Nyaanga shared that the county alongside the FAO are working to support farmers. Additionally, to the support, they are working to train farmers and put them in contact with ready to buy markets. The system wants trainees who have undergone training for two weeks to takeover and train the new incoming group.

Livestock Production Officer for Kuria East, William Odidi noted the collective demand in Migori is 15 million. However, the current supply is at 4 million.

“We want to bridge the gap and promote poultry enterprise. In addition, this is to happen through developing the poultry value chain in the entire Migori county,” said Odidi.

The Livestock Officer pointed out that poultry farming aims to address nutritional value for residents while creating increased income.

Furthermore, he added the future of poultry farming is promising as the county is making great strides to make it better. Additionally, a chicken slaughter house that processes 300 birds an hour is in place.

Conclusively, Mr Odidi remains enthusiastic on the progression of poultry farming and urges farmers to get into poultry farming. The fact that Poultry farmers are undergoing training shows the focus from the government and other groups in furthering the industry.


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